Who are we?
Queryon empowers organizations to make anything possible with their data. As an award-winning and nationally recognized team of consultants and developers, we help companies systematically manage all their corporate data so your databases, reports, and infrastructure work together as one.
Level Up. Make Possible.
That is more than a tagline to us. It’s the attitude Queryon brings into every project. We’re creative explorers who know that every organization has unique problems where one size won’t fit all. We focus on your greatest needs and create turnkey solutions that are delivered on-time and on-budget.

As experts in PowerBI, we’re able to bring clarity to multiple datasets and visualize an organization’s most complex situations. We provide business intelligence that increases organizational productivity, stops the bleeding of unnecessary expenses, and modify existing systems so clients aren’t left with a handful of good ideas, but unable to implement them.
Make Data
Queryon leverages PowerBI to enable you to have extreme clarity on your data and get answers immediately.
Diverse Data Points
Become Unified
Bring together a wide array of data points and have them work together as one.
Transform Data
Into Action
Understand what your data tells you and know what you need to act on.
Annotated Bar by Queryon combines bar chart
functionality with customizable labels.
Help your users pay attention to key data in a bar chart. Customize your labels color, font, size and position (top or bottom) of the bar. Users can drill down by clicking on labels or the bar itself.

Bar styles include stacked, side-by-side (Clustered), and overlapping (a.k.a bar in bar.) Overlapping bars help visualize the comparison between two things when one is inherently a part of the other.

  • Added Sorting options (Ascending, Descending and Sort By)
If you’ve downloaded our Annotated Bar app and have questions about it or need support, please fill out the form below and we’ll respond to you promptly.